“Speaking from the Heart” is a process for creating strong heart-felt connections in your relationships.

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Joanne Lescher, Speaking from the Heart, has dedicated her life to practicing nonviolent communication (NVC). She has years of experience teaching nonviolent communication skills to help couples and individuals communicate with empathy and compassion. Joanne offers privately scheduled coaching sessions for couples and individuals. You will learn techniques that enable you to achieve more harmony, intimacy and joy in your relationships. Joanne also offers several communication skill building classes during the year. Her coaching sessions and classes provide practical communication tools and strategies that couples and individuals can begin using immediately. Joanne’s life mission is to help people connect and bring more joy, laughter, and a new depth to their lives together.

“Empathy:  A respectful understanding of another person’s experience”

~Marshall Rosenberg~

Joanne Lescher
Speaking From The Heart

Telephone (541) 499–5840

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